Jun 13, 2017 - Oct 14, 2017




A beautiful View

13.6. – 14.10.2017, Su-Fr 10.00-19.00, Sa 10.00-18.00
Tickets at the Passage info counter, Linz Landstr. 17-25 (3,- / 1,50 Euro)
www.ooekulturquartier.at; 0732.784178

Höhenrausch is taking a break this year. Nevertheless, in cooperation with Passage Linz and Linz Tourism, the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter has created an attractive offer above the roofs.

The Linz artists Clemens Bauer and Gregor Graf were invited to take an artistic look at the city. The result is an unconventional city tour that combines what was, what is, and utopian visions of the future with knowledge & irony.

Until 31 August, tourists and local guests can climb the Höhenrausch Tower on the roof of the parking garage to enjoy the view and find out interesting, amusing, and quirky things about Linz!

160 steps to the last platform: the perspective of urban space changes step by step; it is only in the upper third part that the Danube emerges from the sea of buildings.

Clemens Bauder and Gregor Graf encounter the beautiful view of Linz with great imagination. In 25 “telescopes” imaginative stories are superimposed on and drawn over real views of the city.

Both artists pose the question, “What if?”, raise associations like in a daydream, and don’t always take the existing scale in urban space quite seriously. Starting point for the superimpositions are usually architectural elements, landscape features, or everyday details.

Historical references are picked up, such as the world record attempt by the Austrian tightrope acrobat Hauenzwickel in 1949 in Pfarrplatz, and visions and utopias of urban planning are given free rein: What if the chimney of the district heating power station were the leg of a flamingo? Or if the Danube were to rise up as an impassable border between north and south? Or if, as it was 25 million years ago, Linz were once again on the sea?