Biennale Cuvée 13

Jun 14, 2013 - Oct 13, 2013



in the course of Höhenrausch.3
June 14 - October 13 2013

Opening hours: mon - sun 10.00 a.m. - 09.00 p.m.

The ascension to the Höhenrausch exhibition poses not only a physical challenge but also a mental one. The path to the top winds through the OK building passing nineteen outstanding examples of international contemporary art, which we “collected” at the most important Biennials around the globe and put together to create this cuvée. The selection ranges from the discovery of the young Cuban artist Hander Lara, whose work Building Illusions is shown for the first time in Austria, up to the highly renowned pioneer of Austrian conceptual art VALIE EXPORT, shown at Höhenrausch with her work in which she built a tower out of 104 Kalaschnikovs.

For the fourth time now, OK Labor is showcasing a selection of artistic projects that featured at some of the world’s key biennials in recent years at its current *Biennale Cuvée* exhibition. The title “Cuvée” alludes to the particularly good mix that OK has put together from the global phenomenon of biennials. Biennials are still the most important exhibition format in the contemporary art world, even though they are geographically so dispersed that they remain the preserve of a small group of travelling art professionals and local audiences. The major biennials in Latin America or rather South America and Asia, generally showcase artists not yet represented in the European market. The scope and quality of these events naturally not only depend on the particular location but first and foremost on the curatorial concept. For instance, at the last São Paulo Biennale, an unusually high number of North Brazilian artists were showcased along with some museum pieces of European conceptual art. The Biennale in Havana, on the other hand, bucked the current trend in presenting some large-scale installations and locally specific works from artists largely unknown here in Europe.

OK’s *Cuvée* not only showcases a multi-layered cross-section of contemporary art, but offers a global, rather than purely Eurocentric, window on the world. The works exhibited here were previously on show at biennials in places like Berlin, Busan, Genk, Havana, Istanbul, Liverpool, Montevideo, Paris, São Paulo and Venice. Equally international are the 20 artists represented here, who come from 19 different countries of origin. What they all have in common is an affiliation with the younger or middle-age artist generation, as well as great potential and very little previous exposure in Austria. In our view, their works are truly “state of the art”, since they not only reflect current art trends but also the access OK has to contemporary art per se. Their artistic methods are captivatingly sensual and innovative, and the range of works displayed extends from atmospheric installations to political statements.


Rafael Gòmezbarros

Casa Tomada (House Taken Over), 2007-

11th Havana Biennial 2012

Rafael Gomez Barros, born 1972 in Santa Marta / CO.

Baghriche, Fayçal

Souvenir, 2009

Épuration élective, 2004-2009

The Message-Project, 2010
Video installation

54th International Art Exhibition—54th Venice Biennale, 2011

Fayçal Baghriche, born 1972 in Skikda / DZ. Lives and works in Paris / FR.

Baladrán, Zbyněk

Models of the Universe, 2009
10th Lyon Biennale 2012

Zbyněk Baladrán, born 1973 in Prague / CZ. Lives and works in Prague / CZ.

Barrada, Yto

The Smuggler (*La contrebandière*), 2006
Video installation
54th International Art Exhibition—54th Venice Biennale 2011

Yto Barrada, born 1971 in Paris / FR. Lives and works in Paris / FR and Tangiers / MA.

Basualdo, Eduardo

Salón Fumador (Smoking Room), 2012
1st Montevideo Biennial 2012/13

Eduardo Basualdo, born 1977 in Buenos Aires / AR. Lives and works in Buenos Aires / AR.

Esiebo, Andrew

Alter Gogo, 2010
Series of photographs
11th Havana Biennial 2012

Andrew Esiebo, born 1978 in Lagos / NG. Lives and works in Lagos / NG.

Gomez Barros, Rafael

Casa Tomada, 2007
11th Havana Biennial 2012

Rafael Gomez Barros, born 1972 in Santa Marta / CO.

Izquierdo, Jota

Capitalismo Amarillo: Special Economic Zone 2011-2012
Manifesta 9 2012

Jota Izquierdo, born 1972 in Castellón / ES. Lives and works in Mexico City / MX.

Karikis, Mikhail & Orlow, Uriel

Sounds from Beneath, 2010-11
Video installation
Manifesta 9 2012

Mikhail Karikis, born 1975 in Thessaloniki / GR. Lives and works in London / UK.
Uriel Orlow, born 1973 in Zurich / CH. Lives and works in London / UK.

Köken, Ergun

Bininbining Promised Land, 2009-2010
Installation and video
La Triennale Paris 2012

Ergun Köken, born 1976 in Istanbul / TR. Lives and works in Instanbul / TR and Berlin / DE.

Lara, Hander

Building Illusions, 2012
11th Havana Biennial 2012

Hander Lara, lives and works in Cuba / CU.

Marcelle, Cinthia

475 Volver (To Come To), 2009
Crusade, 2010
Fonte 193 (Fountain 193), 2007
Videoinstallation / video installation
54th International Art Exhibition—54th Venice Biennale 2011

Cinthia Marcelle, born 1974 in Belo Horizonte / BR. Lives and works in Belo Horzonte / BR.

Nicolai, Olaf

Samani. Some Proposals to Answer Important Questions, 2008
Dimensionen variabel

Mixed-media installation
Dimensions site specific

From Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection

Busan Biennale 2012

Olaf Nicolai, born 1962 in Halle/Saale / DE. Lives and works in Berlin / DE.

Segalove, Ilene

Secret Museum of Mankind, 2011
Series of photographs
30th Bienal de São Paulo 2012

Ilene Segalove, born 1950 in Los Angeles / US. Lives and works in Santa Barbara / US.

Shonibare, Yinka

Odile and Odette, 2005
Videoinstallation / video installation
Liverpool Biennial 2012

Yinka Shonibare, born 1962 in London / UK. Lives and works in London / UK.

Valansi, Gabriel

(Circa), 2011-2013
11th Havana Biennial 2012

Gabriel Valansi, born 1959 in Buenos Aires / AR. Lives and works in Buenos Aires / AR.


2nd Moscow Biennale 2007

VALIE EXPORT, born 1940 in Linz / AT. Lives and works in Vienna/ AT.

VĂTĂMANU, Mona & Tudor, Florin

Rite of Spring, 2010
54th International Art Exhibition—54th Venice Biennale 2011

MONA Vătămanu, born 1968 in Constanța / RO. Lives and works in Bucharest / RO and Berlin / DE.

Yongbaek, Lee

Angel Soldier, 2011
Video installation
54th International Art Exhibition—54th Venice Biennale 2011

Lee Yongbaek, born 1966 in Kimpo / KR. Lives and works in Seoul / KR.